Product Description

No sled is complete without a sled bag. By starting with the basic bag, then selecting from the numerous components available, your sled bag can be custom designed to meet your needs. Prairie Bilt sled bags are designed around the sled creating a proper fit. We use tension straps for ease in securing the bag to the frame providing quick and easy removal. We use endurance quality materials and top quality zippers. Our fabric is lightweight yet not compromising on durability or water resistance. Below are the options we offer to customize your sled bag.  Please contact us for the prices of these options and any additional modifications.

  • Axe pocket
  • Back inside pocket
  • Thermos Holder
  • Inside Back Pocket
  • 36″ Expandable top zippered pocket
  • Expandable nose & full length zippers
  • Top flap zipper pocket
  • Handlebar bag – 1 pocket or 2 pocket style
  • Removable bootie bag
  • Removable divider-for holding the load in place.
  • Runner Sleeves-holds three sets of Fast Trax
  • Side pocket unit- two pockets w/ Zipper closure
  • Compression straps
  • Ski pole holder-Removable
  • Vent for when a dog is in the bag
  • Glasses case holder