Product Description

REX Runners are 1″ tall and 1 ¼” wide. These certified 7075 T6511 aluminum runners can take the pounding, flexing and twisting often encountered on the trail. The upper channel accepts the brackets and hardware. The lower channel accepts the Fast Trax TM runner plastic.

Runners are formed making sure each pair matches exactly. We are meticulous about this process as it is what makes a sled track properly. Each pair is stamped with serial numbers and the dimensions are recorded. If a runner is damaged, it can be easily replaced using the serial number data on hand. For added safety, we buff and smooth all sharp edges.

  • Runners come in 90″, 8′ , 9′ and 118″(10′) lengths.

Optional color anodizing prevents salt corrosion and oxidation, ensuring lasting strength and beauty.