Product Description

Prairie Bilt Sleds is the originator of this superb runner plastic design.  Since snow conditions vary extensively and change along the trail, the Fast Trax™ plastic is available in three different types, yellow, White Lightning and Fat Trax.

Our Fast Trax™ runner plastic is formed by a highly specialized extrusion process. This superior manufacturing process enables us to produce a high quality sintered product while also ensures a precise fit.. We guarantee exact fit to our “REX Runners”™ every time.  The Fast Trax runner plastic incorporates a tracking groove to improve sliding trueness and turning ability.

Application Information
We have found that different plastics work better in different moisture levels of snow, trail conditions and different temperatures.  In all of our testing programs, we have found that the condition of the snow, rather than temperature, is the most important factor in determining the performance of the plastics. A reference chart that offers general guidelines can be viewed at  Please note that these are only guidelines and are not meant to be followed exclusively.