drawOur sleds are:

• Carefully engineered to create a smooth and efficient ride.
• Designed to be flexible and durable for peak performance on the trail.
• Thoroughly tested prior to introduction to the market.
• Manufactured using only the best materials.
• Easily serviceable with individual parts.

The foundation of each sled starts with the following details:

REX Runner and Fast Trax Plastic System
Each and every Prairie Bilt sled is constructed on the “Rex”™ or “Rex LT”™ runners. These runners are precisely formed from top grade certified 7075 T6511 aluminum.

The Frame
Constructed from the finest materials on the market, our frames are engineered for uniformity, strength, and flexibility. All metal components are made using only top-grade aluminum. Our serviceability feature creates a simple way to make sled repairs. Every component has a part number and can be easily replaced.

The Finish
To ensure lasting strength and beauty, we hard-coat and anodize aluminum surfaces. The extra care to the finish helps prevent salt corrosion and oxidation.

The Final Assembly
Prairie Bilt Sleds is devoted to manufacturing the highest quality products. We do this through careful quality control during all phases of construction. All sled assemblies are created using precision jig fixtures.

The Development of Sled ModelsNitro 54
Each sled model has been created for a different purpose. The development of our sleds comes from our focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

Prairie Bilt Sleds began by manufacturing the Easy Rider. Designed to withstand the difficult terrain at the beginning of the Iditarod, the Easy Rider received raving reviews. Prairie Bilt then focused on perfecting a sled for the final segment of the race. This model also met another need customers were asking for: a high performance; mid-distance sled. Thus, the Nitro was born. Mushers were impressed with the ease of handling that this sled offered and began purchasing it for both legs of the Iditarod race. With such challenging trail conditions, the Millers realized a hybrid sled was necessary. From this the Nitro 2 evolved, combining the steering of the Nitro and surpassing the durability of the Easy Rider.

The NitroS48 was developed as a result of requests from mid-distance racers who were also participating in some sprint races. They wanted a smaller and lighter version of the Nitro 60. The S48 features the performance and durability of a Nitro mid-distance sled in a smaller package that can also be used as a sprint sled.

The Trail Glider was developed when mushers started asking for a sled with a better seat system and when they recognized the importance of being comfortable while on very long distance runs. We tested this model extensively for performance , balance and safety before we entered it into the lineup.

The Nitro 60 Pro model is an advanced sled model that features a stronger frame design than the earlier Nitro. The load capacity of this size sled is increased without compromising the handling and maneuverability .

2012 was the first year we started building the Tandem Tour sled exclusively for tour and guide mushing. Again , this model has been extensively tested for several seasons before we added it to the lineup.

In 2013 we introduced the Nitro 54. This model is excellent for use in mid -distance racing and as an all – around general use sled. A well balanced sled, it can be fitted with several different seat systems to make it adaptable to most types of mushing. As long distance racing becomes more competitive, a lighter more nimble sled becomes more necessary. This model fits that profile.

The Sled Bagssm_4_sbc_top_p

To be a good musher is to be well prepared and organized. Every detail of our sled bag components is designed to assist you with that goal.

When purchasing a sled bag from Prairie Bilt, you can be sure your sled bag is designed for your particular model of sled, creating a proper fit. We use proven materials and top quality zippers. Our fabric is lightweight without compromising durability or water resistance. Sled bag components and colors are customized for the needs and preferences of individual mushers.

We also custom make sled bags for sleds constructed by other builders. Contact us for your sled bag needs.

Rex Runner and Fast Trax System
The foundation of any well-built sled is its precisely formed runners. At Prairie Bilt Sleds, we have designed and engineered our “Rex”™and “Rex LT”™ series of runners to be accurate, precise, and straight. Our runners are specially constructed using only thoroughly tested materials. We start with certified, state-of-the-art 7075 T6511 aluminum. This fatigue resistant alloy is extremely strong. For added safety, we carefully buff and smooth all sharp edges. As we build, we make sure each pair matches exactly. We are meticulous about this, because precision matching is what makes the sled track properly. You will also find serial numbers and precise dimensions recorded on all runner sets. If a runner becomes damaged, we can easily replace it using this data.

We complete our runners with a plastic slide system called Fast Trax™. Our Fast Trax™ slide effortlessly into the runners giving an easy and comfortable glide. The Rex Runners™and the Fast Trax™ come standard on all of our sleds.

Any dealers and sled builders who are not already using Rex Runners in their sled construction may contact us today to get started. We welcome all new orders.

Fast Trax™
Our Fast Trax™ runner plastic is formed by a highly specialized extrusion process. This superior manufacturing process enables us to produce a high quality sintered product while also ensures a precise fit.. We guarantee exact fit to our “REX Runners”™ every time. The Fast Trax runner plastic incorporates a tracking groove to, improves sliding trueness and turning ability.
Extrusion: Forced through a die as opposed to being cut with a bit.
Sintered: To fuse particles to form a larger mass by using heat and pressure without melting.
Tracking Groove: A lateral impression in the slide surface of Fast Trax ™ to keep the sled moving straight forward and prevent it from sliding side to side.

Installation and removal is a snap.
Simply grasp the plastic at the tail of the runner and slide it out. Then quickly slide a new piece of “Fast Trax”™ into the runner. Install a pin at the tip of the runner and you’re done. This system allows you to rapidly change plastic. No special tools are necessary.

Application Information
We have found that different plastics work better in different temperatures, moisture levels, and trail environments. In all of our testing programs, we have found that the condition of the snow, rather than temperature, is the most important factor in determining the performance of the plastics. Below is a reference chart that offers general guidelines. Please note that these are only guidelines and are not meant to be followed exclusively.

Temperature is not always the deciding factor when choosing runner plastic. Conditions and type of snow is important to pay attention to.

Color Description Trail Conditions and Temperature Ranges
Black Fat Trax is the solution to longer lasting runner plastic. The wear surface is a full 1/2″ thick. Fat Trax is made in two widths, 1 1/4″  and  1 1/2″.

Made from a highly dense pure virgin UHMW plastic and extruded into the Fast Trax profile for a perfect fit to the Rex  Runner every time. Wear quality is excellent. This plastic has good glide and performance  is not affected by sub zero temperatures meaning that it will work well in all conditions. Thicker plastic means you don’t have to change it so often and carrying extra plastic is no longer necessary.

Best temperature range: +40 F. to -60 F.
Yellow Made of virgin UHMW,  an economical all-around use plastic that has a wide range of applications. Best temperature range:+ 40 F. to 0 F.

Works again at -35 F and colder.

White (White Lightning) White Fast Trax  is made of pure UHMW with our exclusive formula that has lubricating additives which reduces friction and keeps surfacing out as it is gliding.  It slides well when scuffed from a rough trail. It is a softer plastic but contrary to most belief, soft plastic is often better in extreme cold. White Lightning was formulated for sub zero cold but we have found that it has excellent performance in all temperature ranges.  Best temperature range: +40 F. to -60 F.

The Company

The-lineup_medPrairie Bilt Sleds are made on-site in a 4,500 square foot machine shop and sewing room. Owned and operated by Jim and Mary Ann Miller, Prairie Bilt Sleds focuses on creating the highest quality dog sled equipment. Since the company began in 1999, Prairie Bilt Sleds has maintained an outstanding reputation for precision manufacturing and ease of operation.
Located in the scenic hills of the Sheyenne Valley in North Dakota, the Millers are perfectly situated to test and enjoy their equipment. The many trails surrounding their business and home allow Jim and Mary Ann to test all new products before putting them on the market. Prairie Bilt sleds also networks with other, larger kennels that test their products, ensuring the equipment’s success. They also travel to race locations to learn how their products perform under a variety of conditions .

Because dog sledding is a way of life, Prairie Bilt Sleds is building more than just a company. We are building a legacy. We want you to create memorable adventures with the superior quality of our products. Contact us for all your dog sledding equipment needs.


Customer Service

Quality customer service is built through trust. Here at Prairie Bilt Sleds, our aim is to incorporate honesty and integrity in everything we do. From first contact through assembly and shipping, our goal is to develop long-term relationships where we not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

Because finding the right sled is vital for the success of any musher, we strongly encourage our clients to call for a consultation before purchasing a sled. We will help you to make an informed decision. During our session you will be able to determine which model is most appropriate for your program, needs, and goals. From there, you decide on additional customization options regarding break systems, drag pads, handlebars, sled bags, pockets, colors, and more.


In the Media

USA_sledThe team of experts here at Prairie Bilt Sleds works diligently to produce the highest quality dogsleds and mushing equipment. This dedication to excellence has received recognition, not just locally, but nationally. Prairie Bilt Sleds has been featured by the following sources.

USA Today
Times Record
Prairie Public Television
Cliff Nayler

Our sleds are featured in the Disney movie “Snow Dogs.”