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  • ex-n60

Nitro 60 EXAMPLE

The Nitro 60 made tougher. This sled is capable of carrying a heavier load while still maintaining the well known performance that made it popular. See detailed picture for a description of the advanced components.

  • ex-n28


Just off the line! This is our latest Nitro 2 model that has been redesigned and light weight. Built for endurance and control the advanced design features of the Nitro 2 make this sled an excellent choice for the Iditarod or Yukon Quest trail. Because of its rugged design and superior performance, this sled is [...]

  • ex-bootie_b

Bootie Bag EXAMPLE

This bootie bag is large enough to keep your boots or booties dry from the elements. So if you ar ethe one that travels a bit and keeps an extra set of boots along, This bag is for you!